Mike Daczewitz Brings 25 Years Of Saving Money For Customers To Your Project

By Jeff Park, President
Lots of companies claim they have “the experience to get your job done right,” but none of them have Mike Daczewitz and the 25 years of experience he has managing projects at American Crating Company.

“We had maybe 30 employees when I started at the beginning of 1990, said Daczewitz. “At the beginning of this year we had 80; so we’ve grown a lot,” he added.

25 years of growth and experience have brought significant positive changes for customers according to Daczewitz, “The technology is what’s changing the most.  Things like the new automated saw we’re getting let us cut faster and more accurately, keeping our costs low.  Less wood, less waste, less labor hours; all of that helps us save our customers money.”

American Crating’s growth also creates customer savings through increased buying power, he explained, “We also buy wood directly from the mill now.  So we’re not using brokers but buying wood from the same people Home Depot and Lowes do, which means we can get it cheaper than our competitors.”

Other companies can claim they’ll save money for you on your project, but they don’t have Mike Daczewitz and his 25 years of doing it day-after-day.  I’m grateful for Mike’s expertise as well as his loyalty; American Crating Company wouldn’t be where it is today without exceptional team members like him.  

Got an upcoming project we might be able to help you with? Give me – or Mike – a call or send us an email. 
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