Jim Cooper: Going on 27 Years With American Crating Company

By Jeff Park, President

You’ve probably talked to him on the phone or connected by email or fax.  Maybe even texted with him recently.  For nearly 27 years, Jim Cooper has been the American Crating Company go-to for project management and accurate results.

“I started in July 1989,” said Jim, “A lot has changed since then.”

Cooper has seen the speed of daily business increase dramatically. “The pace at which jobs are done has changed the most.  Much faster now.  It’s really great for customers.  We have probably better turnaround times than anybody.  You order something one day and you might have it the next.”

The types of packaging requested by customers is also changing.  ”We’re using more heat shrink packaging now.  Until maybe 10 years ago nobody was doing it, but now a lot of people are using it.  It’s more economical, it’s faster to do than a wooden crate; lighter than wooden crating and offers good water protection.”

At American Crating Company, we pride ourselves in being accurate, dependable and on time.  Jim Cooper is one of the most important reasons why we regularly hit those goals.  For nearly 27 years Jim has made sure customers get the best service in the business.  Thanks, Jim – I appreciate it all you’ve done for the company and our customers.

To find out more about American Crating Company and what we can do for your next project, give me – or Jim – a call or send us an email.

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