Scott Heidler: Nearly 40 Years With American Crating Company

By Jeff Park, President
In addition to American Crating Company celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year, we’re celebrating another anniversary: Scott Heidler, one of our top employees, has been with us for 39 years.  Scott was the third employee of American Crating Company, the first crew member hired by the founders.
“My family lived next door to Mike Park and he offered me a job not long after they started the company,” said Heidler.  ”My summer life guard job had just ended so I figured, why not,” he added.

Nearly 40 years later, Scott has seen just about everything there is to see in this industry.  ”I like to call it the ‘packaging business’ because we do a lot more than just build wood crates,” said Heidler. “One time we built a three story crate out at the Port of Catoosa for an oil platform. It was huge.  It was also really windy and we had to pick up these giant walls with a crane.  But we got it done.”

You can’t ask for anything better in business than excellent, loyal employees.  My father hired Scott over 39 years ago and he’s been one of American Crating Company’s best assets every since.  He brings more experience and expertise to crating and packaging customers than anyone else in this part of the country.        

And on a personal note, I just want to say: Thanks, Scott.  I appreciate all you’ve done for our customers and American Crating through the years.
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