Year-End Orders

By Jeff Park, President

The end of another year is fast approaching and we all know that means a final rush of orders to be crated and shipped, no matter what.   American Crating Company is here to assist with fulfilling those year-end orders.

Our team is scheduled for around-the-clock shifts every day in December except for Christmas Eve, Thursday December 24 and Christmas Day, Friday December 25.  We’re also planning on closing New Year’s Eve, Thursday December 31 and New Year’s Day, Friday January 1.

However, if you need us on any of those days, we’re available.  A number of our employees have offered to come in and work if our customers need them.  Please let me know if you’ll need us on those days and we’ll be ready.

We’ll stay on the job as late as you need us. Got a job that absolutely has to be out on New Year’s Eve?  Call us and you won’t be worrying about it on New Year’s Day.

Our only job is to make sure you’re successful. Give me a call or send me an email to let us know what we can do to help fulfill your year-end orders.

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Happy Holidays,
Jeff Park
American Crating Company
(918) 425-8787 office
(918) 527-0311 mobile

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