How We Got Started

By Jeff Park, President

You probably know by now that 2015 marks the 40th Anniversary of American Crating Company.  The story of how we got started is similar to many businesses in Oklahoma — a couple of young entrepreneurs saw an opportunity and chased it with everything they had.

In 1974, Gary Fetterhoff and Mike Park (my dad) were employees of a small crating and packaging business in Tulsa.  The owners were not particularly involved, viewing crating as a side business assisting their other companies.

Gary and Mike thought otherwise, feeling through commitment and hard work they could grow the company into a much larger business.

By 1975 they had formed a partnership and approached the owners about purchasing the business.  Over the next few months a deal was struck and the new ownership took control, officially launching today’s American Crating Company.

Gary became the President and Mike the Vice President.  There were no other employees.

Since then we’ve grown to over 60 full-time employees and 2 locations offering round-the-clock service.  We’ve also survived a devastating fire that burned our facility to the ground in the 1980’s, numerous downturns to the economy and the passing of leadership from the original owners to a second generation of family members.

Through it all, two things have remained consistent – loyal customers and committed employees.  I really can’t separate the two, we wouldn’t be anywhere without each of you.  So I will end with this: thank you.  Thank you, customers, for your business and helping us employ great people to serve you year-after-year.  And thank you to our dedicated employees, for taking pride in doing their very best for our customers everyday.

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