I Am Thankful

By Jeff Park, President

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up later this week, I realize I have much for which to be thankful.  Healthy family, great friends, and enough of the things we need to be comfortable.

There are two groups however for which I’m very grateful and would like to acknowledge: our customers and our employees.

First, we have many longtime, loyal customers and I am so thankful.  Obviously, we wouldn’t be here without you.  I probably don’t say “thank you” often enough.  Please know that on this Thanksgiving that when we sit down for our holiday meal I will remember that your support of American Crating provides for my family and our employee’s families.

Which brings me to the other group for which I am thankful, our employees.  Over 60 team members work 3 shifts at our 2 locations everyday delivering the best packing and crating in the Southwest.  I couldn’t be more proud or more grateful for their service and just want to thank them for all of their hard work.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.

With thanks,
Jeff Park
American Crating Company
(918) 425-8787 office
(918) 527-0311 mobile

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