American Crating Company: On-Site Has To Be Right

By Jeff Park, President

What if you have an item needing to be shipped that is simply too large to move prior to packaging?  Give us a call at American Crating Company.  We’ll send out a team of packaging professionals to plan, prep and package your products for shipping on-site at your facility.

On-Site crating and packaging requires the right combination of experience and equipment to ensure the desired results.  Loads must be expertly measured and weighed, packaging built to spec and all compliancy issues resolved before the product leaves your facility.  The only company in the region that I can guarantee has all of the necessary capabilities is American Crating.

For nearly 40 years we’ve been sending members of our staff on-site to handle some of the industry’s toughest jobs.  Our professionals have built crates on barges docked at river ports.  We’ve been trusted to work in classified areas, prepping and packaging high security items.  We’ve even packaged products directly onto railroad cars and over-the-road trucks to speed delivery and guarantee safe transport.

No matter where your project is going or how it needs to get there, American Crating can come to your facility or jobsite and make the packaging process fit your needs.  We’ll manage the project from start to finish, making sure your crating meets all regulatory requirements and shipping deadlines.

To find out more about American Crating Company On-Site Packaging, give me a call or send me an email.  Or click here to find us on Facebook or LinkedIn and Twitter.

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