Money Saving Tip #2: Distance Makes A Difference

By Jeff Park, President

Today’s Money Saving Tip concerns the distance your crating and packaging will travel. Distance not only affects shipping costs but how you much you should spend on crating:

Short or Long Distance?
The distance the product will travel influences the construction of the crating and packaging. Items traveling short distances may only require secure tie-downs and environmental protection; lowering the cost.  Longer hauls likely need tougher, more protective packaging inside and outside of the crate.

Short distances may only require secure tie-downs, a less expensive option than crate construction. American Crating Company’s experts can offer the most cost effective solutions for your projects

Long distances may demand more protection for your products.  Heat shrink, vacuum packing and custom packaging are all specialties of American Crating Company

How long will it be stored upon arrival?

Items that will remain packaged or in storage may need heat shrink and/or vacuum packing for protection from the environment.  In some instances, we’ll even construct pitched metal roofs to protect wooden crates left outdoors from rain and snow.

Get us involved during the shipment planning process and we’ll create a custom quote based on the distance and recommend the most efficient crating and packaging for the project. We can often turn a quote around the same day depending on the size of the project.

For more Money Saving Tips on crating or to discuss a project, please give me a call or send me an email.

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