Money Saving Tip #3: Mode Of Transport

By Jeff Park, President

Today’s Money Saving Tip is about how your crating and packaging expenses are affected by your transport selection:

Most Common 
The most common modes of product transport are truck, ocean vessel and airplane.  Each has specific rules and regulations governing the size, construction, weight and other components of moving product from location to location.

Trucks are a common mode of product transport,  but unlike American Crating Company, not every packaging company is an expert in trucking-specific crating restrictions

Understanding load and permitting restrictions for each transportation mode is critical.  If your product is packaged and crated correctly for your home state but not for the state to which you’re shipping, you could be exposing yourself to long delays and even hefty fines.

Lumber restrictions are often the issue in these types of situations.  Specific loads may require specific lumber types and weights; utilizing the wrong materials can affect not only the cost of construction but whether your product leaves on time.

Our Knowledge Can Save You Money
At American Crating Company, we know the rules, regulations and restrictions involved in shipping almost anywhere.  Bring us in during your project’s planning phase and we’ll put that knowledge to work utilizing the correct materials and meeting all load/permitting restrictions to ensure making your shipping deadlines.

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