Money Saving Tip #4: Onsite vs. Port City Crating (Part 1)

By Jeff Park, President

At American Crating Company, we’ve been building custom shipping containers onsite at customer locations for nearly 40 years.  Why?  Mostly because our customers save money; sometimes a lot of money.

It makes financial sense to package and custom crate your products before they ever leave your location rather than loading products loosely on trucks and driving them to port for crating.

The most dangerous leg of any shipment is the time spent transporting products over-the-road.  Statistically, your product is much more likely to be damaged in a highway accident, get struck by outside debris and tree branches, or even fall from a flat bed than to suffer a problem once it is loaded on a boat.

For example, loading products loosely on a truck in Tulsa, Oklahoma and then driving them uncrated to a Houston port puts those products at risk for over 500 miles and up to 24 hours.  A lot of damage can occur in that time.  Damage that can be avoided by simply packing and crating products onsite at your location before they leave.

Onsite crating can also save money by reducing handling and trucking/freighting costs.  We’ll go into that in detail next time.

American Crating Company will quickly mobilize a team  of professionals to build and prep for shipping from your location

To find out more about American Crating Company Onsite Crating, give me a call or send me an email.  We’ll customize the discussion to determine how onsite crating can save money for you.

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