Money Saving Tip #5: Onsite vs. Port City Crating (Part 2)

By Jeff Park, President

Last time we talked about how packaging and crating onsite at your location can save money vs. loosely loading shipments onto trucks and driving them to a port city for crating (since loose loads are far more likely to be damaged or destroyed over-the-road on the way to port).

Not only can onsite crating save money by keeping products safer, but also by reducing handling and trucking/freighting expenses.

Packaging and crating onsite often reduces freight volume.  Custom crating offers the opportunity to nest your product safely in a container built specifically to protect your project from the moment it leaves your facility.  Onsite crating also gives you the ability to efficiently stack and secure containers for transport.  For example, a large pipe job properly crated can often stack and secure twice as much per shipment as loosely loaded pipe, reducing trucking / freighting cost by up to 60%!

For safe shipping and saving on freight and trucking expenses, it makes financial sense to package and custom crate your products before they leave your location rather than loading products loosely on trucks and driving them to port for crating.

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