Watch Our Crate Fall Out Of A Truck At 50 MPH Without Damaging The Contents

By Jeff Park, President

You may remember a video I sent out a few months ago of a crate we built falling 25 feet without breaking.  I truly believe our products are the best protection for your valuable cargo, so I decided to make a few more videos to prove it.  Click on this video to watch one of our crates fall from the back of a truck and bounce (in super slow motion) over 100 yards down the road.  Not only does the crate not break but the contents are completely undamaged:

Doesn’t your shipment deserve maximum protection?  At American Crating Company, we’ve been custom building the area’s best crating and packing solutions for 40 years and we strive to make sure all of our packaging meets regulatory requirements and shipping deadlines.

And it’s tough.  Really tough.

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