What Happens When You Set 15,000 Pounds On Top Of One Of Our Crates?

By Jeff Park, President

Your products need to be protected during shipping and I feel like American Crating Company is the best solution.  I will
admit my opinion is a little biased.

I recently sent out videos showing our crates being dropped from 25 feet in the air and falling out of a truck at 50 MPH.
In each case the contents remained safe and undamaged.

So what happens when you place a trash bin with 15,000 pounds of wood scraps on top of one of our crates?
Click the video to see:

Your shipping contents deserve maximum protection.  There’s no guarantee your crate won’t fall off of a truck or get dropped when being lifted onto a ship or even have another much heavier item fall on top of it.

As you can see, we build our crates to the highest standards – including the ability to withstand thousands of pounds of external pressure without breaking.  If you have an upcoming crating project, give me a call or send me an email (please don’t reply directly to this email, the reply will go to our email company).

You can reach me at: jpark@americancrating.net
Or click here to find us on Facebook or LinkedIn and Twitter.  
Jeff Park
American Crating Company
(918) 425-8787 office
(918) 527-0311 mobile

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