American Crating Company: Project Management Specialists

By Jeff Park, President

There are a number of companies in the region that can build crates for shipping but only one that I know of that can marshal your project from start to finish: American Crating.  Whether we’re working on-site at your location or utilizing our world-class facility, we’ll manage all phases of your crating, packaging and transport prep project.

At American Crating, we believe in providing turnkey solutions.  Isn’t your time better spent with your customers and products than packaging and crating?  Bring us in at the beginning of the project and we’ll seamlessly guide it through the prep stage to shipping.

Our skilled team of professionals stay with your project from start to finish, checking in all inventory – even warehousing the inventory at our facility if you wish – creating detailed packing lists of the product and monitoring your products throughout the packing phase of your project.

Regardless of how many units your shipping, American Crating guarantees that all pieces, as stated by you, will be correctly packed and ready for transport prior to your shipment’s departure.

We pride ourselves in being accurate, dependable and on time, always checking that your packaging meets regulatory requirements and shipping deadlines.

To find out more about American Crating Company and Project Management, give me a call or send me an email.  Or click here to find us on Facebook or LinkedIn and Twitter.

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