American Crating Company: What’s Cool?

By Jeff Park, President

A question people often ask me is, “What’s the coolest thing we’ve crated lately?”  If you asked me that today, I’d probably have to say a group of vintage motorcycles for shipping overseas.

We’ve crated enough vehicles over the years that we’ve earned a great reputation for securing the items and packing them safely.  These bikes are valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars; the owners came to us knowing we’d make sure they arrived in excellent condition.

I’m glad to say the collection got to its destination in perfect shape.  You may not have vintage motorcycles or a classic car to crate and package, but your product requires just as much care before shipping.

To find out more about American Crating Company and if we can assist with shipping your cool stuff, give me a call or send me an email. Or click here to find us on Facebook or LinkedIn and Twitter.

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American Crating Company
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